Saturday, May 8, 2010

Meet Champ

I'm not sure what it is with us and the color champagne, but it's kinda weird.

Here's the Corolla I bought just before Andrew and I got married.

Here's the Chevy Malibu that's Andrew's had since college.

Now, meet Champ (pronounced shamp, as in champagne).

Because the Malibu is actually the Skeen family college car, we needed to give it up to his sister, a freshman at UNLV. Andrew and I both work in opposite directions so we knew we would need to get another car to replace the Malibu. We started looking at trucks halfway through our car search process. We looked at a few Tacomas and some F-150s and Andrew really wanted a CNG (natural gas) truck, but we settled on the 2004 Dodge Dakota with a V-8 engine. It was well below blue book, had a back seat, and drove nice so we went for it. It has more miles than we would have liked (112,000), but hopefully we'll be able to upgrade to Andrew's CNG F-150 in the near future :). We are excited about Champ and feel lucky to have him.

Going on 16...

Sunday Bike Ride

A couple of Sundays ago, we were feeling cooped up so we decided to take a bike trek. No real destination or distance in mind, but in the end we biked about 5 miles and made friends with sheep, goats, horses, turkeys, cows, and beavers! (I swear I saw one pop it's head up in the canal).

We don't have a bike trailer yet, but I LOVE watching Andrew pack Kaili on his bike rides. Often when Andrew gets home from work or while I'm making dinner he likes to take her on a ride. He started out just holding her with one arm on his lap, but for the longer trips, it works great with the baby front-pack. Check this out:

Provo 1/4 Marathon

I decided to try out being a runner this year. I really don't like running all that much (probably because I could never get past the out-of-shape grind), but I wanted something to work towards. After a few weeks the runs got easier and I could add on miles. I enjoyed having a routine and being able to get away a few times a week.

My first race was on May 1st. Luckily, I have a good friend who was willing to step up to the challenge with me. We teamed up and split the 1/2 marathon and had a blast. We actually did fairly well overall. I ran a 59 minute split and she ran just over an our, putting us in 6th overall for the relay division.

The bad parts about the race:
#1. I ran into my big fear during the race- a sidepain that lasted about 2 1/2 miles. I couldn't run comfortably and I had to stop every once in a while and walk a bit to try and kick it. I pushed through and eventually it got better, but oddly the only thing that was sore after the race was my abdomen area just below my ribs.

#2. The weather was TERRIBLE. Rain, wind, and hail almost the entire way. Andrew insisted he bring the bike so that he and Kaili could chase me, but after they started Kaili was pretty frozen, so they turned around.

I actually really enjoyed it and am looking forward to August 21st when I take on a half marathon in Springville!