Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Andrew's Idea of an outfit!

It was Saturday and I was feeling pretty lazy. I told Andrew to pick me out something to wear. He grabbed his favorite jeans on me, my flowery zip up and then a bright pink t-shirt to go under it. I put it on just for a laugh.


Just an update. In order to graduate in April I needed to complete an advertising internship with an agency or company. I have been on the search since last semester, but nothing seemed to fit. Once classes started I spoke with one of my professors and he got me an interview with a company called Redirect Relationship Marketing, an agency out in Salt Lake. I started work 2 weeks ago and work 2 days a week for now. It seems like a good fit, it pays well (enough to make the commute worth it), and they are looking to hire! Just thought I would let you know! I get to graduate after all!

Jazz Tradition

Starting 2 years ago, my grandpa and I have been going to Jazz basketball games together. I was given 2 free tickets in a marketing class and I knew that he would appreciate going more than anyone. He made the trip from Idaho and I made the trip from Provo. Last year we went on Valentine's Day. This year he generously treated Andrew and I to the San Antonio game. He wouldn't let us pay for anything, not even a drink. We had such a nice time and pretty good seats too! Thanks Grandpa!