Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We're Moving

It has been a year since Andrew and I moved in together and although we have really like where we are living, it has been a long drive for me to get to work in Salt Lake from Provo. We originally tried to find something in Lehi, but nothing worked out. The compromise? We found a 2-bedroom basement apartment we liked in Lindon. It is a beautiful home and the family upstairs seems really nice, but most importantly, it has a dishwasher :). Andrew is excited that they have a basketball court and a trampoline just outside our door. I am excited that there is a walk-in closet and 2 sinks in the bathroom.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

We think we might be pregnant.

Ok, so the word is out... if all goes well, Andrew and I should have a new member of our family by the end of January. We are very excited to try the parenting thing and feel so lucky to have such great family around to help! Andrew thinks we should name it Jet-Skeen (pronounced jet-skiing). I told him I'll have to think about that one.

Goin' to Carolina...

Last month Andrew and I took a trip out to North Carolina for his friend/old roommate's wedding. I decided it would be fun while we were there to take Andrew to see Davidson, where I went for my first 2 years of college. We spent some time in Raleigh for the wedding and drove down to Davidson and stayed with the awesome LDS family I met while I was at school. They have since built a lake house and it was nice to be able to enjoy a few days with them there.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Manly Milestone

(Andrew, as a boy)

About 2 months ago Andrew started talking about guns and buying a gun for himself. I am not exactly sure what spurred it... but in order to convince me WE needed one, he talked about food storage, self-defense, blah...blah...blah... My dad had guns in his closet and owned one at the age of 12, however, I for some reason wasn't too exited about having one in our house. But, since he persisted in researching online, and talking talking... I realized that it wasn't just a faze. By the time Father's Day weekend rolled around I knew Andrew was going to want to take me to see the gun he found at Sportsman's Warehouse.......So that I wouldn't have to endure another conversation of him trying to convince me about why he should get one, I decided to surprise him by getting him a large gift card. I had guessed it--the first thing he wanted to do was drive Sportsman's Warehouse. He found one he liked and the funny thing is that in the end I had to be the one buying the gun, using the giftcard I bought him because Andrew was going to be late for his softball game. How ironic :). Anyway, needless to say he is pretty excited!

Here is a picture of the gun Andrew bought: