Monday, November 24, 2008

10th Row Jazz Tickets

Last Monday I was literally handed 10th row tickets to the Jazz vs. Suns game. My boss was on a call with a friend of the company and asks "Does anyone want tickets to watch the Jazz game tonight?" I immediately raised my hand and she told the person on the phone that I was a taker. Within minutes the tickets were e-mailed to me and next thing I know Andrew and I are sitting 10 rows up from the court banging the blow up noise noodles and watching Shaq post-up on Millsap. It was incredible and Baby Skeen had a blast too. She was kicking out and stretching out with every outburst. Kirilenko had a great game and the team played an awesome 4th quarter. They ended up winning 109-97. We miss Daron Williams, but we think CJ Miles is doing a great job too.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What to do with your pumpkins

For those of you who still have your pumpkins sitting on your porch and are trying to figure out what to do with them, instead of chucking them in the dumpster (boring...), we recommend taking them out back and shooting them! Andrew's idea was to use a sharpie and draw fat rabbits and turkeys. We unloaded quite a few rounds on them with his 22 rifle. I usually don't join Andrew for target shooting, but this sounded awesome and it was.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Hangout

This Halloween Andrew and I went to the first annual cousin's party on Thursday and on Friday we threw our own party. We made caramel apples (topped with chocolate, nuts and butterfinger bits), carved killer pumpkins, drank wassail, and had I Am Legend playing in the background. We consumed way too much sugar, but certainly had a lot of fun. Not to mention the costumes were amazing. Check us out!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Park City Weekend

Last weekend Andrew and I decided to get out of our average Provo/Orem weekends to spend some time up in Park City to see the leaves, shop around, and tour the town. We ended up having a really nice time.

The original plan was to spend the night on Friday and have the whole day on Saturday to do whatever, but it was so expensive and we didn't get home from work until very late on Friday so we decided to scrap it and make the trip in the morning.

The leaves had already turned brown, but it was still a beautiful day. We spent the morning at the outlet mall, took a break for lunch at Loco Lizard, made a spontaneous stop at the Olympic Park (a first for both of us), and circled back to the outlets for some final purchases. I have discovered a new love for Park City, besides just the good shopping. It is definitely a nice drive and a nice place to escape to. I am sure if I was in a more active state we could find some awesome biking/hiking trails as well.

Here are some pics from outside at the Utah Olympic Park. The museum inside was really fun too, but we didn't take any pics.