Monday, March 3, 2008


Andrew has been wanting to take me snowboarding for a really long time so we finally picked a day to go. We went to Out N' Back (an outdoor retail store) to get me set up with a rental and had everything ready to go, but Andrew was using the in-store computer to compare prices for lift tickets so that if we wanted to buy tickets there we could. When I heard how much it was going to cost for everything, I told Andrew, "Can't we buy a used snowboard for that much? Why don't we just skip tomorrow and buy a snowboard for next time?" Even though it was kind of a joke, Andrew thought it was a great idea and that is what we did! That night we got on and found a guy who was selling a really good board for pretty cheap. We went to his place to check it out and took it home that night. And, we finally got our chance to try it out this past weekend!