Friday, July 18, 2008

Manly Milestone

(Andrew, as a boy)

About 2 months ago Andrew started talking about guns and buying a gun for himself. I am not exactly sure what spurred it... but in order to convince me WE needed one, he talked about food storage, self-defense, blah...blah...blah... My dad had guns in his closet and owned one at the age of 12, however, I for some reason wasn't too exited about having one in our house. But, since he persisted in researching online, and talking talking... I realized that it wasn't just a faze. By the time Father's Day weekend rolled around I knew Andrew was going to want to take me to see the gun he found at Sportsman's Warehouse.......So that I wouldn't have to endure another conversation of him trying to convince me about why he should get one, I decided to surprise him by getting him a large gift card. I had guessed it--the first thing he wanted to do was drive Sportsman's Warehouse. He found one he liked and the funny thing is that in the end I had to be the one buying the gun, using the giftcard I bought him because Andrew was going to be late for his softball game. How ironic :). Anyway, needless to say he is pretty excited!

Here is a picture of the gun Andrew bought:

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