Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Labor Day Weekend - Zion National Park

We have been wanting to go camping all summer and since we couldn't make it out to Potholes, WA for the family camp out we really felt the need to camp on Labor Day weekend. The criteria for me was that it couldn't be more than a 4-hour drive and it had to be somewhere where I could put on a bathing suit. Andrew decided on Zion's and made reservations in the park for Saturday and Sunday night thinking that it would for sure be busy with the holiday.

As the weekend approached we heard news of a flash flood warning. I thought rain would be fun, but then I realized that Andrew's 2-person lie-down tent would make for a long weekend if we were stuck in the rain. He went out and found us a larger tent the night before and it turned out great.

Overall we had a great weekend. Saturday we set up our tent and hiked to The Upper and Lower Pools. On Sunday we found a church building and hiked part of The Narrows and on Monday we hiked to Weeping Rock and then hiked 5 hours back in The Narrows. The water was pretty dirty from all the rain on Sunday night and we had a hard time seeing where we were stepping, but it made it more of an adventure. We also hiked up through the forbidden Orderville Canyon until we made it to a waterfall. The walls in the Narrows were hundreds of feet tall and it was such an amazing experience to be hiking down between them.

Thanks Andrew for a fun weekend!


pamelasue said...

Your pictures are beautiful! And I love your little pregnant bump! How fun! That sounds like such a fun week end. I would like to hike the narrows sometime but I will enjoy your pictures until then.

Kevin, Kristen & Madison said...

So did it actually end up raining a ton? It sounds like you guys had a ton of fun. We can't wait to see you guys sometime soon. It will be fun. Until then, hope all goes well with you and the baby.

gleed1 said...

Those are some cool pics. Nice memories made.

Kaela Cusack said...

i love your blog! you are the most adventurous pregnant woman...ever! camping? hiking!