Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Little Mess Maker

So I was looking through my pictures to decide where to start up again, and I compiled more than enough evidence to update you on my daughter's personality. So there are some people who are blessed to have a child that will sit on their lap for more than 5 minutes, or who will play daintily in one spot with one or two toys, but I feel lucky to have a daughter with a personality that is far from that. I like to think of her as my little Wall-E. It is not uncommon to find my mascara in the laundry room, a spatula in our bedroom, or my mail mixed in with her toys. She has to have something in both hands most of the time, and almost all the time she is on the hunt for something new and interesting -- It definitely makes church and grocery shopping very interesting, believe me. I snapped a couple of shots over the past few weeks that should give you a better idea of who our little girl is. Kaili's taught us that a computer mouse can be a phone, a guitar stand makes a great seat, and a bowl is an excellent hat. We love you Kaili!


mamaskeen said...

The picture with her in the purple shirt is great! I think she memorized your credit card number, I'd keep an eye on the bank statements, I think she has shopping plans!!

Kaela Cusack said...

you make the cutest little people! :)