Monday, August 25, 2008

Anniversary Weekend

We had our 1 year anniversary on August 18th and celebrated all weekend. On Friday Andrew had made reservations for us to eat at Cuchina Toscana, a fancy Italian restaurant in Salt Lake and then to stay at Hotel Monaco that night. For dinner, I had the pesto gnocchi with shrimp and Andrew had the mushroom stuffed steak with Caesar salad. It was all marvelous.

The next day Andrew and I rode our bikes around the city in search of breakfast. We didn't have any plans set for the day or evening, so Andrew and I decided to try out Logan, UT to see what it had to offer. It made for a sort of weird adventure.

We made reservations to stay at the Sherwood Hills Resort on our drive out there. When we got there we immediately asked if there were trails for biking/hiking. They said yes and handed us a very simple-looking map with a few lines drawn on it. We picked the .5 mile route to "the lookout" and started up it with our bikes. Pretty soon it got to steep so we ditched our bikes and began to hike. About an hour later, we began to wonder where this lookout was. The map had become useless. We were about to head back when we saw our first sign of human life, a painted rock with the word "Stop." The trail appeared to end as well. We were so confused and couldn't believe how anti-climactic it was. We decided to ditch the trail, ignore the sign and just hike straight up the cliff to find our own lookout. That we did.

We weren't very impressed with the hotel after all, and decided that we would enjoy it just as much to go back to our nice, clean apartment in Lindon. We ate dinner at Chili's and cut our adventure short.

The one thing we were really excited for was the Jack Johnson Concert we had tickets for on our actual anniversary night. I left work early and Andrew and I met up for our date. It ended up being so much fun. I didn't know this, but we ended up with "pit" tickets so it was quite the surprise to get there and be practically on the stage with them. Jack was great and Andrew and I just enjoyed the evening talking, laughing, and dancing. Not a bad 1-year I'd say.


Clayton and Susan Leonard said...

happy first year anniversary you two! Fun pictures! Love you guys

Justin and Miranda Townsend said...

Hey...Abby and Morgan took Mara to that same concert!! How weird!

the Hussman duo said...

Good story!It was so great to catch up with you the other day. Hope Zions went well and you stayed dry! I want to hear all about it!