Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Exploration

Since we know very little about Lindon and our neighborhood, we thought it would be fun to go for a little drive after church to check out the area. We kinda got the feeling that we were in a pretty ritzy area and after seeing some of the houses, we were definitely right. We drove up near the base of the canyon and saw some amazing houses. We even pulled into the driveway of a house that is up for sale to check out the view. When we were driving up and through one of the neighborhoods we found the entrance of Dry Canyon. Andrew was curious so we got out of the car and hiked part-way up the trail so that we could see around a large rocky ledge. Here are a few pics we took along the way:

This is the front of a "house." We should have taken way more of the houses we saw, but this was definitely the biggest--it wouldn't even fit in the camera.

the back of the house.This is up Dry Canyon. We hiked between those rocks.


Logan said...

Dry canyon is the perfect starting point for a snowshoeing adventure or a winter ascent of Timp... there's also a few geocaches hidden up there. Heather and I did a fun snowshoeing trip up there a few years ago.

Kristen said...

are you hiding a cute little tummy under there? Miss you Rach!

Rachel said...

Maybe... I am still pretty small though. It was just fun to put on a top like that and pretend I was huge.