Monday, March 9, 2009

Binky Help

So Kaili was an avid binky sucker day 1 and 2 of her hospital stay, but since then we have had issues. We blamed it on the cold/stuffy nose she has had since week 2, but things are starting to clear up in that area and we can't figure out why she can't figure it out. We have made several binky purchases and have little success. Here's a typical attempt:

1. I find opportune time to insert binky.
2. I insert binky slowly
3. She starts pushing it out with her tongue
4. I keep inserting binky and try to touch the roof of her mouth with it
5. She continues to push it out with her tongue
6. She chokes or gags
7. It initiates a mini-tantrum or elevates it.

Here is a video of one of these attempts. She was in a pretty good mood for this one, and never gagged... Granted she has the hiccups and it is probably not the best time for this, but you get the idea.

If you have any advice on what we can do, please let me know. So far she is not taking a bottle either...


Heather said...

I've actually had a lot of friends who's children will not take a pacifier or a bottle. Before they had kids of their own who wouldn't take them, they all thought other parents weren't trying hard enough to give one to their kids. Then they learned that sometimes it's the child who just doesn't want it!! (I hope that made sense).

We didn't give Brennan a pacifier or a bottle until he was about 4 weeks old. Then he took them fine. He's to the point now where he doesn't want his pacifier much (despite us trying to give it to him when he's fussy) and he doesn't take a bottle either! This is usually Logan's frustration when I'm gone.

Kids are funny. I hope she figured it out soon to make life a bit easier for you and Andrew.

melmck said...

I'm so sorry that is not working out. I don't know what I would have done without Gracie's suckie-dog. When I had to bottle feed my kids so I could take my Prozac, I used a bottle that had a very wide base and very low flow. It was Gerber (they make the best stuff) and I can get you all the specific info if you want. Gus was a good breastfeeder but took to the bottle well too.

I also recommend the soothie bottles if you are going to use a soothie pacifier. A wubanub, the soothie that has the animal attached to it, is also great because the baby can hold onto the animal and look at it while they are figuring out how to suck.

Either way, it's good to be consistent and keep trying and stick with the same thing if it seems like it's working.

Call or email me if you have any specific questions! We went through all kinds of bottles and suckies with both kids. Let me know and good luck!

Miranda Townsend said...

My mom is the pacifier QUEEN! It took her 3 months to get me to finally take a pacifier. With time and NUMEROUS faithful attempts, I finally took one. She thinks that any baby can take a pacifier with dilligence. If you are set on it, I would say keeep trying everytime she gets upset until she finally does.

stefanie said...

It would be easier if she would take a bottle and a binky. Neither of my kids would. It was nice not to have to wean them from it when they got older when some of their friends still had binkies until 3.

Logan said...

I would say wait at least a day between attempts especially if she gets mad/frustrated each time. Brennan always takes his when he goes to bed.

Now I just feed him rice cereal when Heather is gone because he doesn't like the bottle.

The Skeens said...

Thank you for all your advice! We are giving it an extra effort this weekend. I left her with my sister for part of the day and she drank 1.5 oz on the bottle! It took 35 mins of crying and several attempts, but luckily Susan was willing to be patient with her. Tonight she was acting hungry within 1 hour of me feeding her so I decided to give the binky a try and even though it made her more frustrated at first, I held it in there and eventually she sucked and fell asleep! Although it's hard to not give in when she gets so upset, we know it will help. Right now she is doing best with the Nuk slanted nipple bottle and pacifier. Wish us luck!

Jamie Jo said...

You know maybe you're lucky. My sisters kids use to have two binkis; one in hand, one in mouth. My first four kids never took a binki, and Milly did for about three weeks before switching to her thumb. It's precious, but we can't exactly cut the top off and throw it away when she is too old for it.

Melling Clan said...

Hey there,
Janelle never took a binky! Bottle, totally hit and miss, so obviously I'm not the one to give advice. :) (Although it's been really nice to not have to wean her at all, binky or bottle. She went right to the sippy cup!) Just wanted to say how cute she is and thanks for the announcement. We love having Kaili on our fridge!

Vongsawad Family said...

Bummer. Looks like your out of luck. Some babies just don't like them. At least you won't have to wean her from the binky though. Check out my blog.

Angie said...

Haha, this video is so cute =)