Saturday, February 21, 2009

A bit of her personality

She loves to be on her back and will squirm around for a while when she is not sleeping.

She gets these a lot and they are usually accompanied by a sad whimper like "Not again..."

This is what makes it okay to wake up 3 times in the night because she falls asleep smiling almost every time.

Watching TV
She is a little Andrew already... she's got her eyes pegged!


Mountain Skeen (Hey, it's me, Judy) said...

She is precious, I can't wait to meet her in person. What a doll!

melmck said...

those are the best videos! she's so cute. i love newborn baby newness and all that comes with it. :)

Jamie Jo said...

Tiny newborns are the best! Everything they do is magic. That lasts for a few years, but has for sure worn off by the time they become teens. :) Enjoy every second (which I'm sure you do) because you won't believe how fast the time will fly now. The 9 months inside you felt like an eternity. The first 9 months outside of you go by in a flash!

holo said...

I am coming in a few days to see that cutie in the video! Can't wait.

pamelasue said...

She is seriously so so cute! Can't wait to see her in person.

Alicia said...

Hey Rachel! I just wanted to say that I got your baby announcement in the mail and it is my *favorite* I've ever seen! She is SO adorable! Thanks for thinking of us!