Sunday, January 3, 2010

An Awesome Christmas in Bellevue

For Christmas this year we left our home in Utah to visit the Skeens in Andrew's hometown, Bellevue, Washington. We had a great time.

On the way over, we almost missed our flight:
It was a direct, but we got there at 5:20 and the plane was scheduled to leave at 5:55. We had luggage to check and a car to park. Andrew left me in the "Sky Cap" line outside and he took Kaili with him to park the car and take the shuttle back. Unfortunately, the line was rediculous, and not to mention, I had lots of luggage to move for the three of us. When I made it to the front of the line to check us in it was 5:45 and realized they required ID for us. Luckily I had packed our passports (don't ask why). As I started running inside, Andrew got off a shuttle. Our gate was at the very end of the terminal so we were sure we'd miss it, but we thought we'd give it a shot, so we started running. We didn't even bother to put our belts or jackets back on. Luckily, a man in a car stopped us and asked where we were going and if we needed a lift! We hopped on his buggy and made it to our gate at 5:56... Everyone was aboard and ready to go, but luckily no takeoff yet. phew!

Christmas Eve we did some final shopping for eachother, played some guitar hero, wrapped presents, and bathed the girls. Madison is 8 months older than Kaili. It ws so fun to see them play together.

Christmas morning we had "fluffy bacon and eggs" a traditional Skeen breakfast on Christmas morning and then made our way to the gifts. Kaili and Joey (the skeen's dog) worked together on opening a few of them.

On Christmas Day the boys played Wii Resort - a new game Kevin got for Christmas.

For dinner on Christmas we had an awesome meal with Dungenous Crab, potatoes, shrimp, and garlic green beans. They put brown paper on the table and just spread it all out. The crab was amazing (as always) and it was so fun just to literally "dig in."

On Saturday, Andrew and I went and got massages at the YMCA (thanks to Mom and Dad Skeen). Then we all made lunches and took them to a Bellevue park and distributed them among the homeless. After that, we went to JC Pennys and used my photo studio membership to get Skeen family photos. It was fun to coordinate everyone and to try to get Madison and Kaili to look at the camera at the same time.

That night, we went to Andrew's favorite local mexican restaurant Terreros, but it relocated and was now named "Ricardo's."

When we got home we watched Julie & Julia and 4 of us got hammered with what we thought was food poisoning. I was throwing up until 4:30 in the morning.

The next day Andrew and most of his family went to church while some of us stayed home to recover. That night we met up with some of Andrew's friends for pie and chit-chat. It was fun to see everyone and to get to know them better.

On Monday, there was more Wii and playing at home until we made it over to the church gym to play Dodgeball with some friends. I was not very versed in the art of dodgeball, so needless to say, I got worked, but it was fun.

We flew back on Monday night and have enjoyed the rest of the week here at home. Thanks to Steve and Teri for spoiling us and letting us invade your home!

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holo said...

Such cute little cousins! Makes for a fun Christmas.