Saturday, January 2, 2010

We are alive, in case you were wondering...

Hi all,

I'm not sure if you remember us, since we have pretty much been MIA since June when "The Lindon Pool" was all the rage, but after watching Julie & Julia and since we are beginning a new decade ahead of us, I thought it might be an appropriate time to recommit to my blog... I mean our blog :). The one stipulation however is that Andrew gets to watch Kaili for 20 minutes each Sunday so I can enjoy it and not see it as a pressure. So - new year, new blog (at least a new look) and weekly updates! Sound good?

Well for those of you who are reading this... first of all, I am impressed. I know my mom for a while there was checking my blog daily for any updates, but now she just calls :). You had every reason to give up on us.

Secondly, there have been quite a few newsworthy events that have occurred since I last posted which are worth mentioning. Here's the list (in no particular order, just a brain dump):

1. We bought a house in Pleasant Grove, UT and moved in mid-August
2. Kaili is now walking as of last week
3. We went to Washington for Christmas and had an amazing time with the Skeens
4. Kaili dressed up as a flower for Halloween and we had bazillions of trick-o-treaters
5. We met up with the Gleeds for Thanksgiving in New York for 10 days and Kaili met Ryan, Becky, and their two dogs for the first time
6. I ran a 5k in August - my first since I was 8 years old or something
7. Andrew and I both have church callings dealing with kids - Me: Cub Scout Wolf Den Leader, Andrew: Primary Teacher
8. We went to a Skeen family reunion in Eden, UT for a weekend in July
9. We went on a fishing trip to Fish Lake with some old neighbors over Labor Day weekend
10. I went to Los Lobos, Bonnie Rait, Diana Krall, and The Wallflowers concerts this summer at The University of Utah.

Phew, now I feel all good and caught up. I'll give you a real blog post tomorrow, k?


Natalie said...

I'm so glad you updated because I had no idea you had bought a house. So fun! Remember though, we need pictures, too. :) No pressure. :)

Claytie and Suzie said...

Awesome! I'm bummed Natalie beat me at being the first to comment! Loved the brain dump method, maybe that's what I should do since I haven't posted since our camping trip to Arches.

Jennie said...

Good to hear from you! Congrats on your house!

Jenni said...

Way to go, Rach! I love it :) Kai is such a grown up little girl since those pics taken at the pool.

Holly said...

yessss!! what a pleasant surprise to see a NEW post! glad to know my periodic checking/stalking wasn't in vain. i hope 2010 brings a chance to see eachother.

pamelasue said...

yea!! I am so glad you are back. I, too, check your blog daily so I was pleasantly surprised today! Yippee! Great posts. I didn't know you bought a house (or any of the other stuff) so let me know the address when you have a minute. Congratulations.

Latu said...

I'm so glad you updated your blog! It's so pretty, and Kaili is sooo adorable! It's good to hear it can be put up, girls hair is so fun to play with!