Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gorgeous Silver Lake Hike

We hiked to Silver Lake in American Fork Canyon yesterday and we had a nice time. We started the hike at 11:00 and got back at 2:45. Kaili was a rockstar! We stopped once to snack on the way up and then she just wanted to play in the water when we got to the top. We had a picnic there and on the way down she konked out on my shoulder. Such a fun hike! We'll definitely do it again!


Claytie and Suzie said...

Looks pretty! What a fun adventure! Rachel, you're arm is ripped in that picture of you sitting on the rock holding Kaili! Miss you guys!

Ryan said...

Hey! Wish we could have joined you again up there at the lake. It looks pretty cool when its full.

grandmasmith said...

Great pictures, thanks!