Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brand New Lindon Pool

Last weekend we drove the 2 miles down the hill and arrived at the new Lindon city pool that opened on Memorial Day. We were pretty impressed with how nice it turned out. There was a baby pool that had a shore and a couple of fountains, a lazy river that circled around, a slide or two, a lap pool, a snack bar, and the Flow Rider - an infinite wave deck. The flow rider was the first thing Andrew noticed and needless to say, it was the only thing he talked about the entire time we were at the pool. I knew we weren't leaving until he tried it, so I got the most out of it and he agreed to make himself lunch for the entire week instead of eating out...

Here are a few pics of our time at the pool:

And now for the videos... For your viewing (AND BLACKMAIL) pleasure:

Here are the good ones :)

These were the kids that were laughing at him. So funny!

I tried it a few times and I'll admit... It's harder than it looks.


Jenni said...

LOVE it! You would be up for good competition on Amer. Funniest Home Videos. Well worth making lunches this week, for SURE!!! :) I think I'll have to check it out when I visit this summer ;)

I'm the Mommy, That's Why! said...

Looks like you had fun...enjoyed the videos! Where is it and how much? I'd love to take the kids. Kaili is sooo cute!

Natalie said...

What a cute little girl you have there! She's is seriously so cute! :)

Vongsawad Family said...

That is so cool. Tyler would love that.

Jamie Jo said...

That sounds so fun. I wish Logan had a great pool like that. Our city pool has a regular water slide, and one of those straight ones, and that's it. Love the pictures of Kaili. I want to eat her up. The videos are awesome. Is the Flo Rider extra? Good bargaining.

Ben said...

Solid work, bro! Sounds like a fun pool!