Thursday, June 4, 2009

10 reason's why Memphis is great

This is Memphis,
1. Where you can't find Trezevant St. because it has two names Trezevant and North Parkway and depending on which way you are driving you got one or the other.
2. Where you discover a new genre of rap called GHETTO Rap.
3. Where the sign as you drive in says, "Welcome to Memphis. The VOLUNTEER state." I just found out why, I guess that's not funny.
4. Where a man on the street pulls you aside to draw a frightening picture of your daughter and asks for $5.
5. Where somehow it is a big city, yet so small at the same time when you are looking for somewhere to eat.
6. Where there the Auto Shop parking lot is packed full of cars at 1 a.m. pimping each other's ride.
7. Where you witness a car skid into a nearby parking lot, throw a guy out of the car and start wrestling him, and you pray that in the #1 most dangerous city in the U.S. he doesn't have a gun.
8. Where there are 3 security guards at every Wallgreens at midnight.
9. Where a woman tells you how she lost a tooth taking the tag off of a rose bush that she was trying to hide from her husband because it cost $50.
10. Where you can find a pitcher of sweet tea anywhere you go.


Jamie Jo said...

Those are funny. Scary, but funny.

holo said...

Very clever! You have been in Provoland for a long time. You forgot Buenos Aires and all the danger you lived in for 18 months!