Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our first real trip - Part 2

St. Louis, Ohio -> Memphis, TN

Part 2 of our "First Real Trip" was also very fun. We left St. Louis at 5 am to make the 4.5 hr. trip to Memphis in time for me to get picked up for a "bridesmaid's luncheon." We switched off driving and we arrived into Emily's neighborhood at exactly 10:00.

Here is my group of close Davidson girlfriends reunited at the luncheon

The most generous, warm family welcomed us into their guest house where we stayed the next few days. They had 2 boys (ages 4 and 6) that ADORED Kaili. While I was at the luncheon I called Andrew to see how he was doing and he told me that he was on the computer in the main house where he met the family and Kaili was in the other room with the boys and the mom had just made him a couple of hot dogs :). Gotta love it. By the end of the trip, the boys were asking their mom if they could have a baby sister for Christmas... oops.

There was a what was supposed to be a drop-in between events, but ended up being a "Garden Party" thanks to generous neighbors. Kaili got some good face time there with the guests. I went to sit with her on the tree swing and within 1 minute there was someone sitting on each side of me introducing them self.

We had dinner in the city at the only place we could find before my feet fell off. A Chinese restaurant where the waitresses soon became Kaili's (and our) best friend.

Then off to the lingerie shower for me. Andrew has Kaili for the night!

The next day was pool time for anyone who wanted to meet up. Unfortunately the water was too cold so I couldn't get Kaili much more than ankle deep. She was sure cute though.

Next up: Emily Rodda & Zack Zweber Wedding. To be continued....

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